Jose Sandoval

My name is Jose Sandoval. I'm a software developer, computer science lecturer, and writer. I consult on all areas of software engineering. You can reach me at

I'm currently working on an Angular application (v10+) with a Java backend (executing financial transactions) and leading the AODA compliancy effort for the dev team.

I hold a B.Math from the University of Waterloo, and an MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University. You can check out my resume if you are insterested in viewing my full professional experience.

Computer Science Lecturer

I'm a part-time instructor at Laurier's Physics and Computer Science Department (I have taught web design/development). The full content of the class is on github (shoot me a line if you want to see the whole content, including assignments).


A while back, I wrote a book titled RESTful Java Web Services.


I draw, paint in oils, and from time to time teach figure and portrait drawing.

I draw weekly from the figure and upload all images to Instagram

I have a working studio at Globe Studios in Kitchener. I'm there some days of the week, but let me know if you want to drop by and talk about art.