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Orwellian Citizen
I'm not an avid SCI-FI follower. I'm the techie guy who thinks the Star War movies are just OK (and maybe a bit over rated), but last december (today is May 17, 2005) I bought George Lucas' movie THX 1138. If you've read 1984 or A Brave New World you may actually like this movie.

After looking at the DVD cover, I got my sketch book out and started drawing Robert Duvall's freakeshly round head. After trasfering the drawing to a digital format, I started playing around with the image and I got some, what I think to be, interesting results:

Warmhol inspired - A tribute to Andy - And yes, I know his last name is Warhol


Black Hole - The perfect Orwellian citizen: one ear, no eyes, no mouth.

The Original

The Inspiration

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