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Histogram Calculator - A Java Applet

My statistics professor used to say: "drawing histograms is a good skill to have."

Drawing histograms is not hard, but it's tedious if you have a large data set and are doing it by hand. Because of this, I coded this histogram calculator.

There are quite a few things that can be said about histograms; however, to use this calculator all you need to know is that if you enter a set of numbers (separated by spaces, tabs, or returns) and then click the "Draw Histogram" button, the Applet will draw a histogram together with a summary of the data, e.g., the average, the standard deviation, etc.


  1. A drawing of a histogram lets you check if your data set is a good fit for a Normal model. You do this by super imposing a plot of a Normal curve: N(0, 1).

    My Histogram Calculator super imposes the normal curve on top of the histogram.

    There are formal methods to assess "fit" of your data to a Normal model, but these methods are our of scope on this page.

  2. To use the app, enter a set of data and click the "Draw Histogram" button.
These are 3 test data sets: data set 1, data set 2, and data set 3. Copy and paste the content in the text area of the Applet then click "Draw Histogram."

Histogram Calculator v1.0

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