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This section started as a Software Development blog, but, I have decided to evolve it into a collection of general musings and vicissitudes.

"Perpetual Money Making Machine..."
(September 8, 2004)
This entry will not live in its own page, as there isn't much to say on the subject, really (Perhaps, there is - However, I don't want to do any research).

I finally figured out why movie studios make "re-makes" of older, successful releases: to sell DVD or generate new revenue through DVD rentals.

I bit into their marketing schemes: I went to see The Manchurian Candidate, with Danzel Washington, and I had to rent the original DVD. What an Industry. In 50 years, movie studios will be re-releasing a re-make of the re-make, and in turn release holographic releases of the re-makes (Ok, I don't know what will replace DVDs).

A perpetual money making machine. I mean, we definitely want to be entertained. Or, at least the entertainment industry tells me that we want to be entertained - And I'm sure they are only looking after my best interest.
"XP - Pair Programming?"
(August 29, 2004)
XP is not just programming...
"Do online petitions work?"
(May 21, 2004)
I bought a Latitude D600 and it gets really hot on the left side of the palm rest. Believing in the democratic process, I set up an online petition to be signed by disastified D600 owners. Some have signed it, even Martha Stewart ;)
"Stock Market: hot tips"
(March 18, 2004)
The best kept secrect in the investment comunity...
"Traveling tips"
(February 9, 2004)
I travel. He travels. She travels. They travel. We travel.
"Using static or instance method calls"
(December 10, 2003)
Is there a difference to use either type? Is there a performance difference while using static method calls? Static method calls seem to run faster, due to the lack of dynamic binding...
"Why is this application so slow?"
(September 27, 2003)
If you develop software for a living, you must have heard someone paying for your services utter the question: "Why is it so slow?" There are many reason, and hence many solutions...
Dude, you're running 10k
(July 16, 2003)
Nike's promotional 10k race - RUNTO.CA they call it - Clever marketers...
Dude, you're getting a Dell
(April 24, 2003)
On going saga of my Dell computer...
Getting a new laptop computer
(April 6, 2003)
How I chose my computer and what vendor I used...
Web Services - The next best thing after sliced bread
(April 19, 2002)
What are web services and how will companies use them? Big marketing hype? Maybe or maybe not...
ASP 101, by Jose Sandoval
(March 05, 2002)
A while ago, I was commissioned to write and teach a quick introduction to ASP. This is the result: a 2 day introductory/hands on tutorial.
Security in an insecure world
(February 06, 2002)
This has nothing to do with real security, but, software security while buying things online with a credit card. Should you use a credit card or not?

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