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Calculator nostalgia
Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I've been looking for a new calculator, preferably, one with statistical functions available. I.e. standard deviation (the n-1 one), et al.

Technically speaking, I don't need one, as I already have a Casio calculator: the FX-7000G. Since, I haven't used it for around 10 years, the batteries are completely dead. It takes two nickel sized battery replacements, which are more expensive to replace than the cost of brand new calculator.

I bought this particular calculator in the last decade of the last century (Around 1990). I used the money earned from my part time job (I was in high school) at a local Red Lobster Restaurant - I was a dishwasher engineer; later promoted to food preparation engineer. I know what you are asking: how did one prepare me for the other. I don't know, but that seemed to have been the progression. The next stop was either waiter, or cook. I left, so I will never know.

If I had a choice, I'd get a Casio Fx-4000p, however, they don't make them anymore. So, I have to settle for a newer model. I opted for the Casio fx-991MS Plus: it's plastic, it's not programmable, and it's big. It's a descent calculator, but I like the older models better.

I guess you can call it nostalgia, for the yesteryears and the yestercasioproducts.

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