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Google's Violentainment
Wednesday, November 16, 2005

It's easy to point the judgmental fingers at google now a days. The company touches almost everything that matters on the Internet. They do search, news, maps, directions, on-line searchable books, pictures, videos, desktop searches, web site analysis, etc.

They have become so good at deploying usable software application, even Microsoft thinks they are a big threat to its bread and butter.

With google having so much influence in the new millennium, will google's mistakes have any influence in global culture? It's probably an answer left to the ages and social archaeologists of the future. Though, we should start asking such silly questions now.

Hence, my questions: I read almost every day, as I'm sure many other people do. When I read the "Entertainment" section of, I saw the following headline: "Neighbor: Man threatened to take down cops" (one of the latest gun related tragedies to take hold of US news).

Can it be confusing to some of the more gullible Internauts?

Is google trying to desensitize and confuse our reality by mixing up real human tragedy with entertainment? With intent? I doubt it was with intent - It was probably another lazy pigeon.

Physical comedy is quite acceptable - Who doesn't like the "Three Stooges"? But, some mistakes should be fixed - I most certainly wouldn't want my tragedy to be the source of amusement, unless I'm being compensated for it. "I'll roshambo you for it."

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