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Google's GWT and API Example: true AJAXism
Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Go to the application without reading this entry.

I originally wrote my first GWT example without true backend interaction. However, a true AJAX application should, in my view, interact with some kind of server side to do its thang. So I integrated part of an older example in this newer example (code reuse--the promise of OO).

The RPC implementation of GWT works as promised, however, you should read the documentation really carefully. But once you get it to work, I do not think you would go back to writing AJAX application any other way--it is a pretty neat tool, like I said before, that allows you to create highly interactive web apps.

What does this application do? It still has a list of all the FIFA 2006 World Cup teams sorted into each respective group. However, this iteration performs an asynchronous live call via google's API, which return the top 3 search result for each respective country--for each group, there are 4 concurrent backend calls.

If you see an error message, it means that google is throttling the results or I have reached my 1000 searches per day. If everything works, you should see everything displaying properly.

This application looks like:

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