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Prime Minister's image for economical gain
Monday, August 28, 2006

Over the weekend, I saw the add displayed to your left.

I clicked on it to see who was behind it. As it happened, I didn't win an iPod, but could if I had only given my email address and lot more information I don't even give to gmail or Yahoo.

The use of images of political figures is fair game in some instances (have you ever read The Onion?), however, there are some limits.

For example, I can use the PM's image to create my own satirical cartoon and all is well. However, using the seal of the government in any way that could indicate governmental endorsement is a big no-no.

So I'm wondering if using the PM's image to peddle SPAM is actually legal? In this particular case, it could be argued that nothing wrong is happening as the question being asked is of public interest and when talking about the man why not use his likeness. As an interesting note, though, I'd think Apple would have more of an issue in this advertisement with the use of an actual iPod. Those guys are really defensive when it comes to their IP (and so they should).

So my question is to Steve (as he is known to Mr. George W. Bush), does it bother you that your image is used in this way?

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