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Canada Post delivers the goods
Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I wrote yesterday that my package from Amazon was delivered to the wrong address.

Fortunately, I received my package today.

The problem: human error. I live in unit 906, but my package was delivered to unit 908. And when I say human error, I don't mean the mail carrier's error; I mean someone typed in the wrong unit number.

You would think that with every label being printed in a non-serif font mistakes like this would not occur. Not so. Along the way someone had to actually read off the 906 of my address and transcribe it to print off a different label. The new label reads 908.

I'm not sure why there is a need for two different labels, if the first one already has all my information together with the actual tracking number. In theory, to save money and the environment, one label should be enough.

Label 1:

Label 2:

Label 1 and 2:

To be fair, that 6 looks like an 8. But my questions still remains: why are there two labels with the same information on the same package? Sure, it costs pennies, but multiply those pennies by hundreds of thousands of packages a year and they add to a considerable amount.

I don't know anything about Canada Post's processes, so there must be a very good reason for that extra label and extra labour to exist. But from the layman's perspective, it doesn't make sense--unless you want to loose packages by misprinting one of them :)

All and all, I'm satisfied with my ecommerce experience.

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