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Idiot proof google interface? Not so fast...At least in my case.
Friday, September 21, 2007

As in any application, users always find weird ways to do things--even in the most minimalistic applications. I mean, how complicated is google's UI? Not very, as we all know. Nonetheless, I found a way to screw things up and now the site is unusable to me.

Somehow, I clicked something that changed the interface into a different language other than English. By the look of the symbols, I think it's Russian, but I'm not sure and I can get it back to normal.

This is what google looks like on my browser:

I'm almost certain that google's engineering group already saw this and have a solution to my problem: how to make google display in English again.

Aside from deleting google's cookie, do you know how I can get google to display in English again?

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I'm sure you must have figured it out by now (I should stop by more often :P)... but
By Blogger Matt, at 7:31 PM

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