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Why isn't "refactor" a word yet?
Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Refactor is a word we developers use to mean that when we have refactored something we have modified some part of a program, without changing the main functionality.

We refactor because we probably have found a better algorithm and wish to implement it, or because we have found a shiny new framework and wish to use it, or we have decided to changed the name of fields or methods to make them more descriptive. When done properly, refactoring is a good thing.

So it's a common word, but you won't find it in any dictionary. I guess we need to still use the grammatically correct hyphenated spelling re-factor. In time, I guess, it will be accepted into the pages of every dictionary without the hyphen.

Complex words have an obvious evolution. A few examples: never the less became nevertheless, E-mail became e-mail then became email, Internet is simply known as internet. Of course there are many more, but I want refactor to get the respect it deserves.

UPDATE: online petition to add the word refactor to all English dictionaries.

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I suggest starting a petition to have this added to the Webster's dictionary. With any luck, it may even be mentioned on Jeopardy.
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:57 AM

Great idea!

Online petition to add the word refactor to all English dictionaries.

I apologize I just signed in and don't know if my last post posted.
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Would appreciate it

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