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Three Olympic questions
Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Question one: are you watching the Olympics?
I'm not from the US, but I'm currently doing some work for the site I just linked. It's an interesting take on social networking with good old blogging technology. Of course, there are various challenges to take care of, but everything seems to be working out fine.

BTW, I watched my first bit of Olympics yesterday: man that Phelps guy can sure swim fast.

Question two: why aren't the soccer games being shown on TV?
Soccer, being the king of sports, is not getting enough respect on this version of the Olympics. Not one video of a goal has leaked on the net. What's up with that?

Question three: why hasn't Canada won any medals?
I think the Olympics needs a new medal just for showing up to feel the love, because it doesn't look like Canada will win any medals. Even Azerbaijan has won 3 medals--as of this writing--and I've never even heard of that country before. Now, a G8 super power is expected to do way better than non-G8 countries.

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