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Making Java client/server applications from standalone Java applications
Saturday, March 14, 2009

The benefits of client/server architectures are too many to list here, and going through them would detract from my main point: creating a Java distributed application from a standalone Java app that wasn't designed and coded to be one. In other words, having something that looks like this:

Look something like this:

Creating a Java application from scratch that looks like the latter diagram is not hard, for example, we can use RMI calls to exchange messages between the layers; we could use the notion of a web service to exchange messages between each running program; or we could create our own TCP/IP client and server to exchange objects between both JVM instances.

On the other hand, making a distributed application from a compiled app with no source code seems almost impossible, or can get very complex if done by hand. Nevertheless, j-orchestra can do it for us in no time and, more important, without writing a single line of code. Give it a try...

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