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0069 or 6900?
Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The number 69 is one of those ambiguous numbers. What I mean is that the number looks correct regardless of the orientation - It doesn't have a top nor a bottom.

However, if you put anything on either side of it, it does have a top or a bottom - And when there is something in front of the number, surprisingly enough, things happen or don't happen.

For example, over the weekend, the company I'm contracting for moved. One of the moving procedures had everyone stick labels on computer equipment, chairs, and plastic bins, which contained all our belongings. My new office number is 0069. I'm in the first floor of a new building, and all the office numbers have a '00' in front it. However, the label on my door read as follows:

Jose Sandoval

So, this little mishap (upside down label), resulted in some of my furniture and phone equipment to get lost. All my things were labeled 0069, but no one could find the office.

You'd think, though, that logic would prevail and someone could have figured out that there are only 3 floors in the new building, thus, rendering office "6900" non-existent - As customary in Canada, the prefix "6" would be used for the sixth floor only. But, that wasn't the case - I guess in the middle of the move and the hectic weekend, 6900 looked more correct than 0069.

Oh, well. I managed to find my chair and my phone - And I'm glad to inform that I'm up (I should say sitting up) and running - Also, as the result of the move, I have a real office for the first time in my professional career - Yes, the office has a door.

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