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Consolidation of search engines
Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Innovation at its best...Wait, do they all look the same?

I shall buy them all to make a super dupper search engine and call it:

I actually had to stop at 11 search engines, as there are literally hundreds of them.

Why is free searching so important that billions of dollars are invested (wisely?) in such technology?

I guess it's all about ad money and brand recognition - And perhaps in the future, a search fee - I believe we don't have a "fee per search" business model, as we don't yet have the infrastucture to charge clients per click/byte.

In the mean time, we are getting hooked on searching - I use google, at least 10 times a day (And all work related) - Imagine all that cash google will make. No wonder, they are trading > $200.00 per share and probably scaring the pants off the big name brand corporations.

So, we know that not all the search engine companies will succeed, then how will we justify all that R&D money spenditure and nothing really new to show for, except a carbon copy of the leader's web interface.

I don't mean that we shouldn't try, but, is the future of the internet really all about searching? What about P2P? What about VoIP? What about contextual web? What about web services? What about teletransportation? What about cold fusion? What about about me? What about stopping spam?

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