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Compile required...
Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I've been designing and implementing an application framework to use in a J2EE project for a client.

I should say that is not a new framework (There are so many already) - It is actually an extension to Struts 1.2 - If you want details, let me know.

Anyway, the struts extension relies on the Jakarta Commons utilities. I ran into incompatibility problems with commons.dbutils components, while working on a DAO Factory. You see, the javadocs are not in sync with binaries available for download.

The newest version (1.1) is still under construction, so there is no binary available yet. It's only available in source form.

The two main items to note with the minor hiccup (I had to spend 5 minutes downloading and recompiling the nightly source code) are as follows:
  1. It is great to have the source code available - Open source is great.
  2. If I have time, I will probably volunteer some time to the commons project (No promises - I already have a few things in my plate - If I do, I'll post the experience).
BTW, if you are not using any of the jakarta.commons utilities, you should - I recommend them - You should at least look into it. Any J2EE app can benefit from a few of the utils.

BTW2, if you have a J2EE project and are thinking to reshuffle some of the J2EE layers into an MVC model, I can definitely help you with that (on a contractual basis): design, specification and documentation (likely UML), implementation, mentoring, and if required, taking the project off your hands, by outsourcing the whole project to my company.

Also, if you are thinking about using Struts and don't quite know where to start, I can also help you out with that. I've been implementing J2EE application for some time now and I've used Struts since 2002. The previous J2EE/Struts project I was part of, was a Financial Application for the Bank of Montreal - One of the major financial institutions in Canada.

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