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Another smile
Monday, December 13, 2004

There is so much written about the the Mona Lisa, and yet, there are still so many questions about who the actual sitter is: was she a mistress of someone with money? Was it really the Mona Lisa?

I did a little bit of research, while drawing my version of the original, I found a rather interesting theory of the sitter's identity - A particular writer - A Rizah Kulenovic - argues that the Mona Lisa is actually a portrait of Leonardo's mother. I thought that it was a very interesting hypothesis.

Does it really matter at this point?

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yes it ofcourse does matter at this time when v need to know what was the cause for da vinci to draw every painting conveys a thousand meaning it is high time we interpreted this oainting.moreover in the process v find out many interesting things like the clothes they wore,they way woman dressed themselves up and so on.
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:01 AM

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