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(Radiology == QA) is true...
Thursday, November 11, 2004

I never knew what a radiologist did, until today. I knew they were some kind of Dr., but I never understood exactly what they did and what their contribution to the medical profession was.

Everything seems to be related and we can probably find analogies relating one field to the next. I, being in the Software industry, think like someone who is in the Software industry (No surprise there), so, I kept trying to get a parallel reflexion of the medical field in terms of Software. Finally, it ocurred to me that Radioalogist are the Quality Assurance Engineers of the human body.

Radiologist are full fledge Drs., for all I know, but, they do not have direct patients. They only perform glass box testing (They do look at your insides after all) and send a report with a "possible" problem to your Dr. I.e. He/She doesn't fix you, he/she only sends bug reports to someone who can fix you.

Radiologist perform their analysis with the aid of X-Rays (Thus, the radio in their title - radio, as in radioactive). I should feel different after having had X-Rays taken this morning. But, I don't. With all that radiation going right through me, I wonder how many atoms got mixed up and I wonder what exactly changed in the physical me.

Why did I get X-Rays? I played soccer on Monday night and I woke up on Tuesday with back pain. Nothing serious, I don't think, since I can still walk and do semi normal activities. I.e. breath and type.

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