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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I don't know why pumpkins are used in Halloween - Is it because of the Icabob Crane story and his pumpkin head?

Anyway, if you've read back a couple of entries ago, you'll know I'm completing the drawing component of an art class. As any artist in training, still life drawings are a must - It helps to work on composition, relation of space and proportion. So, here is my contribution to the pumpkin cult. Drawn with Conte on Stonehenge paper.

Drawing is very time consuming and it's emotionally and physically draining. Why, you may ask. Well, doing something for 3+ hours requires a lot of concentration and you are standing up doing a physical activity that your body is not used to. I.e. My back and my shoulder is not used to the drawing motions and my back aches a little after each session. The concentration part doesn't bother me that much, since I spend longer hours during the day solving computing problems. As per the emotionally draining part, I can explain like this: if you've spent 3+ hours drawing something and it really sucks, then your emotions become all tangled and your ego suffers a bit too. The whole experience is an emotional roller coaster.

Where did I get the pumpkin for this drawings? Gabriel, my four year old son, went to a pumpkin patch - A class trip from his school - As part of the trip, the children got to pick a pumpkin to take home. Gabriel, for some reason, picked the most deformed pumpkin he could find :)

I had to immortalize his pick (The good side of it, that is).

Here is another version (This is actually a study of the final version above). Drawn with Conte on newsprint.

Note: take my "artist in training" statement with a grain of salt - I hardly think one class of 3 different genres qualifies me as a professional artist or a good one (Mom excluded). Of course, if you want to buy anything, it's for sale and by that sole action, I would become a professional artist. I.e. Someone who gets paid to do artsy stuff. And unless you pay me millions of dollars for a comission, I will not be trading my professional interests for the visual arts.

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