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Fine Arts - Still life
Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I'm taking a Fine Arts class at the Arts Faculty of the University of Waterloo. This particular class is composed of 100% in studio work, involving 3 different art genres: print making, drawing, and painting.

I'm currently completing the drawing component of the class, and after 6 hours of studio work, I can say that drawing is bit more involved than what I had expected. I had only drawn in small 11"x8" paper - Nothing compared to the real thing. As my instructor said: "Drawing is like fencing." There is a proper stance, a proper easel angle, etc, etc.

These are a couple of my first, ever, in-studio still lives, using proper drawing techniques:

Drawing properly is all about proportion, depth, and value (shading). Ok, it's not just that, however, I want to break it down into something logical that can be perfected with practice, plus a touch of art.

You can't see the unproportionality of my tables - After all you can't see the real scene - but, trust me, they are not proportional.

More artsy stuff...

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