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Sfumato smile
Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Over the weekend, my brother asked me why the Mona Lisa is so famous. The only 5 second answer I could give him was that she's famous for being famous.

There is a long answer art critics and art historians have, that justifies the painting to be one of the most recognized and priceless pieces of wood in our civilization, for example: sfumato, the art of perspective, the idea that the Mona is actually the self portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci, etc, etc.

Leonardo Da Vinci, was one of the masters of the High Renaissance period: he was a painter, a physicist, a musician, a sculptor, an architect, an inventor, a scientist, among other things.

I can't help to wonder that if he had invented the internet, would he have had the time to excel at so many things.

I've been studying and reading about the Mona Lisa on my spare time, and I have come to the conclusion that anything with long hair and a "mystic" smile, resembles the actual Mona Lisa. So, I present thee, the imaginary dude that looks like the Mona Lisa.

My charcoal study on newsprint, took a whole 20 minutes to complete - The actual Mona Lisa is an oil painting on a wood panel and it took Leo around 4 years to complete it. I truly doubt, my drawing will be stolen by a contemporaty conqueror, just as Napoleon stole the original, to hang in his bedroom, when he had in mind that he wanted to be ruler of earth.

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