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The Eclipse IDE story
Friday, March 04, 2005

Eclipse was unleashed to the open source community by IBM sometime around the year 2000 AD.

Recently, there has been a whole bandwagon of companies attaching their name to Eclipse, either as contributors or as supporters.

I, for one (and my dog), support and use Eclipse. However, my name is not big enough as most corporations to call for PR announcements, so keep it hush :)

However, I've been wondering why Sun doesn't stop "investing" resources and money developing NetBeans and just bite the bullet and join in the fun to try to make Eclipse the IDE of choice for the majority of developers.

If Sun did indeed officially support the Eclipse program, it may even end up obviating Visual Studio, which is the only direct competitor to Eclipse and why IBM actually made the IDE free in the first place.

For a more complete history of Eclipse, read what Lee Nackman, CTO of IBM's Rational Software unit, had so say about that: Eclipse On The Rise.

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I am also using Eclipse and agree with you. Its a great tool and Sun also should support it instead of wasting money in NetBeans.

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