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May two-four fireworks
Tuesday, May 24, 2005

In Canada there are a few long weekends during the summer. Some of these days include fireworks at the end of the day.

I never know why we have long weekends, but they are a welcome vacation to many. I.e. Most business establishments and office governments are closed.

Yesterday was "May two-four," as it's called and we decided to go see the fireworks with my son. It was one of Gabriel's many firsts.

It rained a bit, but we had some blankets, popcorn, chairs, and the child like expectation for something that will make history. It was a great day.

We waited for 2 hours for an event that lasted 10 minutes.

Throughout the whole thing, I kept looking at the explotions and kept wondering how the pellets needed to be packed in order to make the many different patterns and how much energy was released with each blast.

Gabriel, on the other hand, was probably not thinking of the physics - I really don't know what he was thinking, but I kept looking at his face. It was fun to watch him watch the explosions. To a child, everything is unknown and full of wonder.

In the midst of the event he said "Dreams do come true."

I never knew it was a dream of his to see the fireworks and I don't know where he heard the expression, however, I think his first dream came true yesterday :)

With the passage of time, I'm sure his dreams will grow in complexity and the realization of his many dreams will probably take a bit more effort than a 15 minute trip to the park.

"End world hunger," "Peace on earth." I'm sure they are somebody's dream.

P.S. Since my blog is mostly related to Java, I was going to write a Java applet with some fireworks. There are too many already, so here is a list of the ones I found interesting:

Firework Java Applet 1

Fireworks Java Applet 2

And whatever else google says it's out there.

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