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SEGA says you are too old to play video games
Thursday, January 12, 2006

SEGA's Condemned game web site thinks that you are too old to view their racy content.

Well, not you particularly--only someone borne before 1881.

I think its kind of cute that the site developers thought to check for age limits: you have to be over 18, but you cannot be over 125.

If it were up to you, would you remove the upper age limit?

For some reason, if it were my site, I would remove the upper age limit. The US is such a litigious society, I can easily see claims of ageism and legal action being taken against SEGA for limiting constitutional rights to surf boring web sites.

Assuming, of course, that there are humans this old, and that viewing copy righted material on the internet is protected by the US constitution (I am not from the US, so I do not know).

Wikipedia says that, so far, "the longest confirmed lifespan [for a human being was] 122 years and 164 days." Jeanne Calment would not have made SEGA's cut--she was borne on February 21, 1875.

Another question, who really posts real birth dates in these input boxes? I tried "Jan 1, 1333" and I was shocked to be rejected entrance--I guess I will never know what is so condemnedable in that condemned web site.

I, for one, will not let a piece of JavaScript code question my 673 years of existence on this Earth.

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