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Google's spreadsheet is cool, but so is ZohoSheet
Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Google came up with one more free application. Some predict that at some point it is going to contain advertisement. Coming from google, I would not doubt it.

But there are other options. I am actually surprised no one else is talking about them.

This is ZoohoSheet. It is very impressive. Try the graphing facility. And while you are at it, right click and view the source--it seems to be all JavaScript.

Compare to googleSheet. Google's offering is a work in progress, I am sure, so we should expect more from it.

One thing is puzzling about ZohoSheet. How are they planning to make money? The service is free right now.

I guess it is one of those sophisticated business models:
  1. Create Service for free use

  2. ???

  3. Profit
Oh well. For once google is the follower...

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Hi! Have you seen EditGrid?

I've made a comparison between it and google spreadsheet here:

You may wish to take a look!
By Anonymous Tony, at 3:39 PM

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