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Ronaldo is back
Thursday, June 22, 2006

So Ronaldo decided to start playing--and broke a couple of records along the way.

I saw the highlights of the game, and Brazil seems to be playing the way Brazil should play. It takes them a while to warm up. It's probably a good thing--one of the main fears of most soccer power-houses is to peak too early during the competition.

Did Argentina peak? Did you watch Argentina's tie with the Netherlands? A goal should have been nice, however, both teams played with a few of the substitutes. (It sounds weird to call Messi and Tevez subs.)

Argentina plays against Mexico, and Mexico almost beat them during the Conferations Cup. It will be a good game.

I do think the duel of this Cup is shaping up: Brazil vs. Argentina.

Great goals so far, and Yahoo! has quite a collection of highlights. Check them out, in case you are missing the games (as some of us).

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Not sure if the Japan match is the true measure of Ronaldo's come-back. At least the Ghana match will tell
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:33 PM

I agree with you. What I meant to say is that he is back to scoring goals.

Coincidentally enough, he did score today against Ghana and he is now the top scorer of all time in the history of the FIFA World Cup: 15 goals and counting.

Now, that is a great accomplishment.

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