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Market Trend
Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Spotting market trends is probably one of the most difficult things to do for a marketer. However, predicting one ahead of time can probably make or break a company. (And if you are the marketer, you can probably make a lot of money and ride your success forever and ever.)

As of late, I've seen an increasing amount of female motorcycle riders. And it is not just one type of bike. I've seen Vespas, Harleys, race-styled bikes. What is curious about this "trend" is that I don't even live in a large city, so there must be something that is making more females become road warriors. Or perhaps I am just noticing now that I wear glasses and details from far away become more apparent.

I wonder what Faith Popcorn would have to say about my trend spotting abilities, if this is indeed a trend.

I think with some real research I can figure out what the motorcycle market looks like at the moment and check if there is an increase in females buying more than usual.

Will I do the research? Unlikely. I don't have any products that cater to motorcycle riders, but if I did, I would start digging for the reasons of this "trend."

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