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FireFox better than IE7?
Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I had IE7 installed in my machine at some point in time, but I stopped using it when I got a new laptop and IE6 came pre-installed with it. I decided not to upgrade and wait for the actual official release.

The release of IE7 happened last week, but I don't think I will bother with it. I will try FireFox 2.0, instead. I downloaded it about 1 hour ago, and so far so good.

One of the coolest features so far is the spell checking capabilities to every form element. This is useful if you use web mail and want to spell check your entries on the fly. You can always use a spell checker provided to you by whatever web application you are using, but why would you. This is quite a small change, yet very user centric.

How does it work? It just does. I didn't even know I had the feature until I started writing this entry. When a word is misspelled, it appears with a soft red dotted line underneath the word. To fix the word, right click on it, and FireFox will fix it for you.

Very cool indeed.

If that's not progress, what is?

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