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Smoke and mirrors
Tuesday, October 03, 2006

While typing a summary for a meeting I had today, I had the TV set to the local news channel. As usual, the weather is a guessing game; the TSX is down because of the drop in oil prices and gold stocks suffered much of the downturn; and, there is some type of public office election taking place in a couple of weeks in a town near by.

The display of free democratic elections is not too interesting in itself (this is Canada after all). The candidates, though, is a different story.

In a set of interviews, one said something very peculiar. When asked about his platform, he said "I don't have a platform...They are smoke and mirrors...[platforms] are too political."

Hm? I wonder what his winning strategy is? He alluded to the fact that if you put a bunch of people in one room something good will come out of it. That's a big maybe, in my book.

Mr. Somoke and Mirrors has no plan.

Can he win? I'm no politician, but politics should be, how should I say it, "political." And a platform is perhaps the only document required to tell anyone interested what his stand on important issues actually is. I'd would think that this "non-political politician" needs a plan and a list of accomplishable goals--I doubt winning is one of them in his non-existing smoke-and-mirror non-list of actions.

Would I vote for him, if I had the chance? I don't think so. I don't know what his platform is. Maybe this pesky platform business is a necessary evil to be a politician; and maybe being a bit political would help to get votes.

I'm sure he wants to make a difference, and he could actually have the best ideas among all the candidates, but who would know? How can anyone know...The man is running without plan...Get it...It's funny, right?

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