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Democracy is where it's at
Wednesday, November 08, 2006

For better or for worst, voting changes the balance of power:The most radical of all changes is perhaps the one in Nicaragua. Although, Mr. Ortega already had a shot at the presidency, from 1985 to 1990, and things didn't work out that well--does anyone remember the Iran-Contra story? (I actually don't but read about it.)

Things are different now, he says, but I'm sure the US will be keeping an eye on that one.

One of the major implications for Mr. Ortega is the one of foreign investment and free trade. History has revealed that this type of governments like to nationalize industries and take all the foreign investments and give them to the "people." (This is no great insight from my part; this has happened many times in the past.) However, rumor has it that not all appropriated assets go to the people. Some say that the coffers of the ones in power grow larger--note that I'm not saying this is true, but people talk. Even Plato argued that absolute power corrupts. So if you haven't had for a long time and then you have it all for a short period of time, would you be tempted to take and misuse?

I have written in the past that when changes of power in North America take place, we don't see an immediate impact in our lifestyles (well, I save 2 pennies in my coffee thanks to a decrease in GST, but this was more of play in policy than anything else), however, in a place like Nicaragua, electing an ex-guerrilla fighter is a big deal and everyone reacts. Hopefully the changes in our small, unpopulated, and under-developed sister nation will benefit the majority and not just a few. It's only fair, and it is the democratic way.

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