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Colorado Circles
Sunday, February 18, 2007

Does anyone know what these circles are?

My take on them is that they are some sort of controlled agricultural circles. The most interesting part, I found, is that there is a city right in the middle of them.

How did I find them? Yesterday, I went to watch the movie "Breach" (the US spy movie) and after a little googling, I found that Robert Hanssen is currently imprisoned for life at ADX Florence (literally in the middle of no where) on the charge of treason and, of course, spying.

Once I found the location on google maps, I then started scrolling to the left of the prison to see what cities are around the maximum security prison. And there they were, in all their green glory. They look very pretty and eerie, in a pretty-eerie kind of way.

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They're circles because that's how the automatic irrigation system works. Instead of fixed channels or piping, there's a long, motor-driven pipe and sprayer system. The sprinkler/irrigation system runs the length of the circle's radius, and sweeps out the distinctive disk shape as it waters the crops.
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:26 AM


I can see how that could work and that it is the cheapest way to irrigate a large field, i.e., one engine at the middle drives the irrigating mechanism that sweeps across the radius of the circle.

However, I'm sure it was taken into consideration when designing such a system, the little corners between circles becomes a lot of wasted space once all 4 corners of every circle are accounted for.

This is in fact a mathematical problem: how to maximize the space usage in a limited amount of 2D space.

erhm, imho these "Colorado Circles" are no real phenomena but just Google Earth artifacts to obfuscate clasified places. For instance in my area the militair airports are all greyed out with hexagon blocks.. very spooky to see but don't exist in reality of course...
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:31 PM

Thanks for the info... I just flew JFK to LAX, and flew above these circles. Most were covered with snow. It was intriguing so googled "circles above Colorado" and found your site thru images.
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:31 AM

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