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Draft Entries
Sunday, January 07, 2007

This is a list of all the draft blog entries I accumulated in the last two years.

The majority of the entries are actually completed, however, after some editing, I don't like what I wrote or I feel the entry doesn't belong in my blog, which is mainly a technology and, to some extent, business blog.

I'm hoping to make some time to complete them to the point that I feel they deserved the be published.

My favourite unpublished entry is "Unlearning," which I apparently wrote quite some time ago and is part of my original philosophy of how we get know what we learn (to give you a taste of it: we don't learn, we remember).

One of the better aspects of reading is the ability to use one's imagination to fill in the blanks. Using your imagination, which of the following unpublished entries is your your favourite?
    Why the Network Effect Matters 1/4/07

    Gonzo blogging 12/26/06

    Sorting tables 12/25/06

    The Sport of Kings 12/24/06

    The stock picker 12/19/06

    Movie Theatre Exorcism Needed 12/11/06

    Because we have a central bank 10/20/06

    > 1 dimension 9/11/06

    Adoration of the Magi 9/2/06

    Marketing and Client Acquisition Methodology 8/17/06

    Virtual CD-ROM 8/8/06

    Confession of a drive through idiot 6/2/06

    Improving the Software Engineering Process 5/19/06

    Short Final Notes: Blogging is popular for many reasons 3/26/06

    I feel sorry for James Frey, however, he made his bed but he must be sleeping in it 2/1/06

    Writer not editor 11/17/05

    Unlearning 7/8/05

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