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Google's profile manager...NOT
Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I wish google didn't keep track of me everywhere I go. Though it is hard not to use their applications, as most are free and are actually useful.

This very blog is powered by Blogger (acquired by google some time ago). However, I am reconsidering new options. Why? Because google doesn't provide a profile manager (at least not that I know) that lets me specify to which applications I can apply the same profile.

Some may say that that is the one of the selling points of a multi-service company: one identity and everything under one roof--they should know who I am at all times.

I agree, it should be like that. However, last week I switched to the new Blogger beta and whenever I log in to blogger to do my thang, I'm automatically logged in to everything google. That's right, I go and I'm already in my inbox. I search for anything on the search engine, and it keeps track of what I'm looking for--those pesky cookies.

This unification of IDs shouldn't break other applications. Currently, if I'm logged into gmail and blogger, at the same time, and sign-out from either application, I find my self logging into the one I didn't want to stop using in my current session.

The way I would like it to work is that when I click the "Sign Out" button/link in my gmail account, I should be able to continue using blogger. Oh, I almost forgot, if I'm signed into gmail or blogger, I don't want google to track my searches. I know it is supposed to be anonymous and private and that the search cataloging is used to serve me better, but hey, I don't know where that data will REALLY end up. Not that I'm doing any exotic searches, but does anyone care that I have acid reflex? Oh yeah, acid reflex drug vendors...

Google dudes and dudetes, can you fix this? Or add a profile management tool? If you want me to, I can work on it.

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