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One of the "isms"
Thursday, November 16, 2006

Either of the invented "isms" (capital, social, marx, commun, etc.) has been put in place to control the game of civilized living. Some promote absolute control over Estate matters, others argue that control actually ruins the party.

Most of the free world has decided on one, but there are always detractors and there is always someone who has a better idea of how to do things. These "isms" are global trends that traverse the globe: in the 20th century communism gave it a shot all around Europe, and, as they say, the rest is history.

Plato, during his robe wearing days, argued that a "timocracy" was the best way to control the populus. When you think about it, things have converged to that state of affairs, except that we should change "land" for "capital" and we kind of have a timocracy or sorts.

When it comes to social control, Economist have played an important role in the political process. Some economist even think they benefit greatly from such status and controlled economies. Peter Klein (from the University of Missouri) wrote, "It's clear that academics benefit from living in a highly interventionist society." So the whole argument presented in his essay "Why Intellectuals Still Support Socialism" does not only apply to Economist. He claims that ""second-hand dealers in ideas" - the journalists, book editors, high-school teachers, and other members of the "opinion-molding" class" have vested interest in highly controlled societies because they will be needed--create and fulfill the need.

Milton Friedman

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