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Thursday, December 14, 2006

There is always something interesting happening in the software development world. However, this week has been quite exiting, I think. There have been 3 new toys unleashed into the wild:
  1. GWT - Google Web Toolkit went open sourced. That's right, you can actually download ALL the source code that goes into the API--everything is there, including the Java to JavaScript compiler. (GWT example application.)

  2. Microsoft released (for free) XNA Game Studio Express .This is actually Microsoft's framework to develop games for Windows and, get this, Xbox 360. If you want to actually load the games to the Xbox, you need to subscribe for the XNA Creators Club ($99 USD for a year subscription).

    How cool is that? Don't buy those overpriced video games for the Xbox. Code them yourself :) Realistically speaking, I doubt you will be able to compete with large game publishing companies, but who knows, games are not just bells and whistles or the most realistic blood dripping rendering.

  3. Microsoft released (for free) Microsoft Robotic Studio. This is software development platform used to create robotic software. I'm thinking you can write a controller for a robot with moving arms that screams: "danger, danger."
Coolness aside, these are very well planned marketing strategies: cater to developers, who will use your development tools to create applications that will be used in your platforms, and by doing nothing more than "giving away" tools expand your market share and brand.

So which one do I like most?

I downloaded the GWT code and started playing around with it--very nice.

I surfed around the Robotic Studio site and checked out a couple of the robotic sample apps and I'm not quite sure I like the "visual" programming paradigm (note that I didn't download the SDK).

As per the XNA Studio, I think this one is a must have (I haven't installed it yet, as I don't think my laptop can handle the graphics requirements).

Now, if I could only convince my body that I don't need sleep, I could try them all. ALL, I tell you. However, I have reasoned that if evolution hasn't gotten rid off for the need to sleep, maybe I should voluntarily succumb to the gateway to dreamland.

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