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I knew it
Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A few posts ago I wrote about the fact that blog content will become sponsored. I said:
    And for the world of "content" (and this includes blogs), it is all about advertisement dollars, unless the content is sponsored by some major corporation.

    Sponsoring will probably become the norm in the future, and this fact will make finding bias-free content almost an impossibility. For example, how do you know that Wired didn't pay me to write about their article? Or that google didn't pay me to advertise their "imagelabeler" game? For the record, no one pays me to write, but will every blog come with a disclaimer that they are totally and completely independent? I surely hope so.
I knew that sponsored blogs existed, I just didn't have any proof. Well, you could call proof a couple of emails sent to me asking to write something about a couple of different products. I never did write anything, I'm not sure how I feel about it--I'm actually debating if I should get rid of the google ads you see on the right side of every blog entry.

But these guys surely do know how they feel "Microsoft hands out Ferrari's to bloggers." I'm quite sure it feels very good typing sponsored content in their shiny new computer.

I don't know what the rules of the game are in this situations, as the laptops came with a copy of Vista (Microsoft's new OS), but it would be really funny if these guys didn't install Vista and opted to put Linux in them.

FYI, I prefer my laptops to be black and of the ThinkPad type (the smaller the better)...

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