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Greatest goal ever: Lionel Messi or Maradona?
Wednesday, April 18, 2007

You decide.

I think Messi's goal is better. The setting in the World Cup and the King Cup's are miles apart, but the beauty of these two goals can't be denied. And they are so similar. For example:
  • Both goals start on their own half.

  • Both players take on half of the team.

  • Both players are Argentinian.

  • Both players are relatively short: Messi is 169 cm; Maradona is 167 cm.

  • Both players beat the golie one-on-one.

  • Both players gently run to the corner side to celebrate.

  • The time it took both players to score is under 10 seconds. Although Maradona's was 1 second faster (give or take a few hundreds of a second; and I timed it from the moment the ball crosses the half line and the instant the ball crosses the goal line).

    Messi: 9 seconds.

    Maradona: 8 seconds.
Lionel Messi: Barcelona vs Getafe - King's Cup 2007.

Maradona: Argentina vs England - World Cup 1986.

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I think Messi's goal is more beautiful. It's clear that Messi scored with his foot; in Maradona's goal, it always looks to me like the English defender partially kicked the ball in to his own goal. What do you think?
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:57 PM

I agree. I like Messi's goal better. And the big difference of course is that if Messi didn't kick it up a bit, the defender would have been able to stop it.

Although, to me, Maradona did score the goal. From different angles it looks like the defender hits it, but if you look closely he hits right before he falls down.

Well hard to say, Messi's goal is one of the best i have seen in a long time and almost a copy of Maradona's, however I give the edge to Maradona because I believe it was more difficult for him to score due to the fact that the defenders where much closer to him then they where to Messi, that means Maradona had to keet thight control and time his kick just perfectly. Without a doubt,both goals got to be two of the best ever.
By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:30 AM

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