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Google's culture
Tuesday, April 03, 2007

To me, google is one of the most interesting companies today.

It is very successful in the market, it is providing some of the most innovative internet products around, and it is challenging some of the most well established companies in the software industry.

Yet, is has been able to maintain a certain level of funness about it.

Can you imagine seen the image below at any of the bigger software and service companies' site?

It is no secret that technological companies thrive on innovation. However, there comes a point in the history of every growing organization where checks and bounds, in the form rules and processes, have to be put in place.

Some come out of this needed transformation as rigid and formalized organization. They are very efficient at what they do, but the public image changes quite dramatically. In other words, the reason of existence is to do business (which is not bad, actually).

Google, thanks to its culture, has been able to not change too much. At least in the view of some, for example, myself. Everything I know about the company is what I read and from a friend's experience while visiting the googleplex, but its positioning in my mind is still that of an innovative place to work. (Great marketing, I think.)

It is a very interesting balance of hard core business savvy and technological innovation management that could not have been achieved without the intangible competitive advantage it currently has: its culture.

"Don't be evil." I'm not sure they are or not, or will not be in the future. But they are a very successful bunch.

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