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Jack Bauer is better than Peter Petrelli
Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I think Jack Bauer is more than human.

For example, in one day he gets shot at, he gets almost killed by evil doers, he is used as ransom currency, he gets his ribs broken, he gets smacked around by angry Russian guys, etc., etc., and all these without drinking a drop of water or eating a single morsel of food. Furthermore, he's always fine after he says "I'm fine."

In fact, I find it weird that in 24 no one eats nor sleeps. And we are looking at exactly 24 hours in the lives of a bunch of different people doing incredible things.

Yes, I know it's television, but does anyone else find it interesting that the only liquid or food consumed in this whole season is by Morris. In fact, he's not even drinking the boose: "he had a taste of it." Well, at least someone is drinking/eating/regurgitating something.

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