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I feel google's love
Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I feel the love.

Last year, I wrote a simple analysis on how much money I had made from all my blog posts. At the time, I think I had made around $30. As per google's policy, they don't mail you a check until accounts reach more than $100.

Well, my time has come: today, I received my first, very own google check for $108.58 CDN. I don't know how much google made because of me, but I'm sure is more than $108.58. All I care, really, is that I got my cut today. We've become professional partners.

This check brings some interesting question forward. For example, why did I get paid? Have I become a professional writer or just an advertising pimp? Can I make a living from blogging? What should I buy with my hard earned money? Should I buy google stock?

So many questions.

Personally, I don't think I could give up coding just yet, but I will definitely keep on writing and making google bucks. As far as buying anything, I'm not sure. Maybe I'll pay a year for's hosting services and still have some change for a movie or something.

Anyway, let me go back to admiring my first google check. I plan to be a millionaire in no time.

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Congratulations! That's quite awesome. I think I'm still sitting around $0.42, so it'll be a while before I see one of those.
By Blogger clinch, at 8:33 AM

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