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FIFA U-20: Chile 3 - Canada 0
Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Chile beat Canada 3 goals to 0. I wasn't expecting Canada to win, but I thought the Canadian team should have done better.

I don't blame the kids for such horrible showing. I think the coaches can do better by selecting better players and teaching them how to really play the game--kicking the ball with no purpose is not playing soccer.

It's unlikely Canada will win a game in this tournament, but I wouldn't take it too hard. And if I were a journalist, I wouldn't make it sound as if the world has ended. In one particular instant, a National Post writer borderlines on exaggeration. He writes, "Canada's 3-0 loss brings entire nation crashing to earth." I don't even think many Canadians know that the FIFA U-20 is taking place in Canada, let alone know that Canada lost a game.

It will take a drastic change in the development of the sport in North America for national soccer to reach the level of Latin American or European countries, but to dismiss any effort put in by the poor mis-coached young players is mean. Of course, they were bad and must take responsibility for how bad they were, but they are not the only ones to blame. Why select them if they won't perform the way they should?

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