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Virtual Bubbles
Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Second Life has become an ecosystem in itself, and it is a topic of heated discussions. These are some of the stories I found interesting:
    Second Life bank goes bust - This is interesting, as fake money will likely be regulated like real money. But then again, is money really real?

    Second Earth - Why? Well, maybe because it is just cool.

    Working while playing, or playing while working? - Companies are trying to keep employees happy by creating virtual work hangouts inside virtual worlds. Forget the security issues this practice will raise ("Hey, who's that guy with shifty eyes on the corner?"), what I wonder is how this will play out when someone programs a "virtual web browser" that connects to the real internet--some companies are already limiting the access to social network sites (e.g., Facebook), so imagine someone going into the virtual world just to surf.

    What firewall will detect that? Hey, I just created two virtual products; and don't copy my ideas, they are already being "virtually patented." (And by virtual, I mean imaginary.)

    A virtual web inside the web - How tedious.

    This will certainly be useful.

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