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Undocumented google feature: change language on the fly
Friday, September 21, 2007

So I found how to fix my google language setting. I think it's one of those undocumented features: in the address bar, type<language_code> and that will do the trick.

For example, click on the following links: - French. - Ukrainian.

    This is how I got in trouble: I was trying to search for things in the United Kingdom (UK) and just typed "uk" after the forward slash in the address bar (after and changed my settings to the Ukrainian language instead.
Don't forget to do "" to go back to English.

How many language codes are there anyway? There are a few, but not all of them are supported by your browser, unless you have the proper fonts installed. You can find a full list from the Library of Congress site.

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lol that's what I get for reading from the bottom up :P
By Blogger Matt, at 7:32 PM

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