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Hell There
Friday, October 26, 2007

Over the last couple of weeks I have noticed that my keyboard has started to fail me and I misspell a few words when typing (I use a ThinkPad X60s for my daily computing). This wouldn't be a problem, as when coding the compiler catches any mistakes I make; however, when typing emails some words are correctly spelled (the spell checker doesn't complain), but the context becomes entirely different from what I want it to mean--now, this is a problem.

For some reason, some keys are not "imprinted" on the screen when I press them, and so I have sent emails with the introduction "Hell there," when in fact it should read "Hello there."

I may have to mess around with the sensitivity settings, or check my typing speed. I may have become too fast a typer and my key strokes are getting stuck, which is ironic because this is the reason we use QWERTY keyboards--the QWERTY keyboard style is more of an anachronism in the world of virtual keyboards.

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