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Ronaldo's injury video
Monday, October 01, 2007

Brazil's Ronaldo is one of the top scorers in the world. He has played for the best teams in Europe and he is now playing for AC Milan, in Italy. He's also prone to injuries and every team knows this, yet he's able to demand top Dollars (or Euros) for just sitting on the bench, not even training.

This time around Ronaldo injured himself kicking a ball during a warm-up session before a Milan game. See for yourselves:

Bad luck for el gordo. Incredibly back luck.

You can't blame players for getting injured; however, as part of the healing process, I'm sure players blame themselves for doing that extra movement, or jumping to high, or putting their leg just a little too far.

It's a funny thing that happens just before you get injured playing any sport: you know milliseconds before the pop that whatever that pop will damage it will really hurt a couple seconds after it happens. And you keep repeating the instant of the pop in your mind for a thousand times wondering what you could have done to prevent the injury. Eventually, you learn to let go and just concentrate on getting better.

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