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2 things that really bother me about FireFox
Wednesday, November 28, 2007

There are 2 things that bother me about FireFox. First, its memory leakage--or whatever it's being called, e.g., memory fragmentation. And second, the lack of multi-threading support when downloading something. Note that it does download things in a separate thread; however, the problem I see is that you have to wait for the connection to be established before you can do anything with the browser again. It really ticks me off.

IE doesn't do this: it handles the request, passes it to a new thread to do its thing, and leaves the browser alone.

I could look at the code and figure out why it does that, but hasn't anyone at Mozilla ever noticed this problem?

Of course, I have a flash movie of the issue, and one for IE (if you have a fast connection, see for yourself):

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I also had a problem with Firefox and OS X recently. After migrating to a new iMac, Firefox would try and download PDFs and other temporary files to my previous user's Desktop. This would produce an error (because the directory wasn't writable by the current user) and there was no way to download the PDFs. Even after changing the download location in preferences, it wouldn't work. I tried removing the app completely and reinstalling.

I had to install Camino, which offered an option to change the download location. Now the problem is fixed.
By Anonymous Chris, at 6:36 PM

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