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UPS didn't deliver again and again
Friday, August 22, 2008

What's wrong with UPS? Or is it just the driver that services my area that really sucks and doesn't like to deliver to my building.

Twice in the span of 10 days he or she has failed to deliver the goods. And he or she is not even trying. UPS drivers are supposed to leave one of those notes that say that they knocked on the door and no one answered. Well, I didn't even get that courtesy. I'm serious, this driver doesn't even go around my block, as I worked from home today and the brown truck was nowhere to be seen.

The most irritating thing of the whole experience is that I checked UPS's tracking website 5 minutes after the supposed delivery attempt was made and it was already updated with the failure to deliver message. I mean, their logistic system works perfectly, but if you are a delivery company and you don't deliver anything or even attempt to deliver, then you are doing something wrong.

And as a paying customer, what do I do make my voice heard? I called their 1-800 number and I was told that I can't escalate the issue any further because there is no one to call. The matter stops with the customer service representative you happen to get and they tell you that all they can do is send an electronic message to the manager of the local depot and that I will get a call back so I can complain to that manager.

I already know how this will turn out. I will be told that the driver was given a good talking to and that it will never happen again. How do I know this? Well, it happens every time I get something delivered via UPS.

I have stopped buying anything online on shops that are using UPS, but in some cases I don't know which service is being used. When the word UPS shows up in my confirmation email, I already know that I will have to make the trip to the depot to pick up my wares, after angrily calling the manager to complain about their driver who never stops by my place.

I would understand if this failure to deliver happened 1 out 5 times, but when it happens 4 out of 5 times there is a big problem. Actually, 1 failure to deliver out of 5 times is completely unacceptable for any delivery company.

And if it is the driver who doesn't like going around my area because it's too far from wherever he or she happens to be going that day, he or she doesn't understand the contract between UPS and the customer: I pay for home delivery to get products delivered to my house, not to pick them up at the depot.

UPS, are you listening to me? Apparently not. Otherwise, I wouldn't be writing this entry (again).

You would think a company with a 21% loss of profit in Q2 of 2008 would be willing to make their customers happy. In this high-cost fuel times, every penny counts. Happily, I will be sending my business to any other delivery company that is not named UPS.

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