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Wearing T-shirts inside out
Monday, November 24, 2008

I think we got T-shirt design all wrong.

Let me explain: I wear my T-shirts inside out because the stitching is too thick and bugs me to no end. Furthermore, T-shirt designers thought that adding plastic to strengthen the stitching was a good idea--this stuff is itchy. Therefore, I wear most T-shirts inside out: it's comfortable, trendy, and stylish. My style says, "I'm cool enough to wear my clothes inside out and I don't care."

BTW, Gabriel (my 8 year old son) does the same thing; however, I don't think he does it to make a point: he's always in a rush to put his clothes on and just goes out with whatever and however they fall into place. It's not rare to see the zipper of his shorts on the back side; when I mention it to him, he just shrugs and continues doing whatever he's doing.

I agree that social norms and trends dictate how and what to wear (to a certain extent). Nevertheless, T-shirts should be super-comfortable to wear: I mean, they are so close to your skin that adding any irritants is just plain bad design.

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