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Dangers of Wikipedia?
Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I was looking around my site's referrer list and found something interesting and disturbing. I found one of my pages linked from Wikipedia. The link in question is Invention and Innovation: Microsoft's Photosynth.

This is the first time I've ever been linked from Wikipedia as a source for something. I have to admit that it's flattering; however, Wikipedia is completely wrong by attributing the creation of PhotoSynth to me. I didn't create it; I just a wrote a short description of it on my site. I re-read the entry to make sure I didn't give the impression that I had anything to do with the project (I didn't and my entry doesn't imply it either), but whoever created the Wikipedia entry completely misunderstood my entry.

We've read the stories about libelous passages on politicians profiles, but I think this attribution is similar. I will fix the entry, but I'm not sure who added it to the wikipedia article.

The article is here: Timeline of United States inventions and discoveries.

The citations is here: Invention and Innovation: Microsoft's Photosynth.

Again, the citation is completely wrong: I had nothing to do with that project.

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