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Facebook's personalized web address
Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yes, Facebook's vanity URLs are now available for the taking. You have to be quick, because they are going fast. I just got mine, by chance.

What's the point of having a unique Facebook web address? We don't know yet--at least I don't know. It's vanity thing, I guess. You can ask the same question about vanity plates: what's the point? No point, really.

I usually like to claim my personalized stake everywhere; therefore, I exists as Jose Sandoval anywhere you look: domain name, gmail, facebook, twitter--though, no MySpace; I don't like MySpace--and anything else popular. What's more, if you are looking for me (Jose Sandoval) on the web, chances are that the top result will be me. Except for images: none of the pictures are me.

I like the way Facebook's personalized address works. It works similar to Gmails email addresses. I mean that is the same as, or any combination of delimiters in the username. Gmail works the same way: is the same as

It's a smart move, obviously, as we don't come with unique names, and there will likely be many more people with the same name as ours. In a social networking site there shouldn't be any difference between jose.sandoval and josesandoval: it would get too confusing.

I've been told that there are many Jose Sandovals in Facebook. To all of them, I say, you were too late.

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